Papa Roach / Lovehatetragedy - CD (Used)

Papa Roach / Lovehatetragedy - CD (Used)

Papa Roach / Lovehatetragedy - CD (Used)

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Author: Papa Roach

Brand: Polydor

Release Date: 18-06-2002

Details: Product description Papa Roach ~ Lovehatetragedy Papa Roach have found on their second album, lovehatetragedy, that isolation and loneliness come back to haunt you no matter where you are in life. They confronted their bug-like demons on debut Infest, beating them back with cathartic spray, and were ready to move on--until they found that fame has brought them an entirely different swarm of messed-up feelings, which now need to be exorcised. Nu-metal has started to rust somewhat, and these razor-sharp pieces of musical shrapnel effectively sidestep a rehash. "Decompression Period" is surprisingly moving, and "Life Is a Bullet" and "M-80" are both startling and original. It's occasionally let down by a processed, over-produced glossy sheen: vacuum-packed, detuned guitar riffs, a sealed tub of well-calculated angst and a gruff vocal that is somehow mandatory in conveying these feelings of frustration to a supposedly messed-up, disenfranchised generation. There's a lot of rock, but not an awful lot of roll. It's dense--but only superficially. For the heaviest album ever written, honours could go to U2's Achtung Baby, who's distress is less in your face and more playful than anything on lovehatetragedy, which makes it far more effective. There's wallowing to be had here, though, as its sonic hooks leap out and snag onto your dark thoughts through clenched teeth and damp eyes. This is what made Papa Roach special first-time round, and this is what makes them so appealing now. --Ben Johncock

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EAN: 0600445036727

Languages: English

Binding: Audio CD

Item Condition: UsedVeryGood

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