Panzer AG / Your World Is Burning - CD

Panzer AG / Your World Is Burning - CD

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Track Listing: 

01. Introduction OTD 
02. Aenimal 
03. Machinegun GoGo 
04. Among the Few 
05. Paper Angels 
06. Monster 
07. Moerketio 
08. Crash N Burn 
09. Not Too Late 
10. Tip the Dancer 
11. Mother 
12. When I Am You 

Panzer AG's debut album, This Is My Battlefield, was a combination of power noise elements and dance fueled beats. With their newest album, Your World Is Burning, the band has taken a slight departure from that sound. Incorporating more of a “Pretty Hate Machine era” industrial rock feel, Panzer AG's new album is a powder keg of hits set to explode on the radio and in the clubs. From the ballads “Among the Few” and “Mother” to the radio and dance floor hits “Machinegun GoGo” and “Crash N Burn,” Your World Is Burning is a phenomenal album with tons of potential. If Panzer AG doesn't score a hit with this album, then the world must have been incinerated.