The Offspring / Smash - CD (Used)

The Offspring / Smash - CD (Used)

The Offspring / Smash - CD (Used)

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Author: Offspring

Brand: Offspring

Format: Import

Release Date: 15-04-1994

Details: Product description Early CD issue of the 1994 "smash" album ... ha!! Includes "Come Out & Play" and "Self Esteem". Yes, they (along with Green Day) finally brought skate-rock into the world of John Q. Mallrat, but the Offspring were hardly spring chickens at the time of this breakthrough album's release. They'd been slogging away since 1987, a span that allowed them to amass all the clever tricks showcased here, most notably the Latino-rap/moshpit-riff mega-hit "Come Out and Play." Just about every track on the disc (the band's third, if you were counting) keeps that careful balance between aggression and accessibility, from the surf-punk self- help rant of "Self-Esteem" to the airy ska-pop of "What Happened to You?" If Green Day are the '90s punk equivalent of the Beatles, and Rancid its Rolling Stones, the Offspring might be its Monkees--remembered for nothing more important than simple, indelible pop. --David Sprague

UPC: 795871923137

EAN: 0045778643226

Languages: English

Binding: Audio CD

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