The Corps / Tales from 2814 - LP Vinyl

SKU: TIR-049
The Corps / Tales from 2814 - LP Vinyl

The Corps / Tales from 2814 - LP Vinyl

SKU: TIR-049
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Debut full-length album from The Corps now available for the first time on vinyl format. A punk rock band that sings about comic books.

As darkness slithered unnoticed into 2814 posing as music, few were aware of the ever-dimming light. But there were four souls who saw through the lies. The gods they had served for years, still on the battlefield, will someday relent with pride and pass down the emerald torch. These four will charge their rings and make a stand till the deaf hear the light.

  • Limited run of 250 copies
  • 140 g "Milky Way" vinyl record
  • Download card included

Track Listing :

1. Supergirl
2. Blackest Night
3. Greed
4. Booster Gold
5. Diana
6. Got Away Scott Free
7. Spell It Out

1. Obsidian
2. Breakfast at Pamela’s
3. Identify Crisis
4. Empty Nest
5. Rann Thanagar Wars
6. The Island

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