Kenny Chesney / When The Sun Goes Do - CD

Kenny Chesney / When The Sun Goes Do - CD

Kenny Chesney / When The Sun Goes Do - CD

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Author: Chesney, Kenny

Format: Limited Edition

Release Date: 03-02-2004

Details: Product Description Chesney, Kenny Though Kenny Chesney had been building a rabid fan base over the years, no one expected his 2002 release, the multi-platinum No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problems, to make him a superstar. But the Luttrell, Tenn., native had found a batch of songs that perfectly captured that scary no-man's land between adolescence and adulthood, precisely where the bulk of his followers happened to live. On its sequel, When the Sun Goes Down, the protagonists are older, with kids on the way and hectic jobs that rob them of leisure time. In fantasizing about those college keg parties and hedonism after dark, they search for a sigh of relief. Chesney understands this, and his own changes, too. Emotionally he's more at home in his own skin, and since his voice has gotten deeper and wider, he sounds increasingly confident in the studio, besting guest artist Uncle Kracker on the title song, a warmed-over Jimmy Buffett vibe. He's also matured as a writer. The majority of his four songs, two co-written with others, are no match for "There Goes My Life," the powerful unwed father ballad that served as the album's first single, or even "When I Think About Leavin'," another tune about standing at the crossroads. But his memorable "Being Drunk's a Lot Like Loving You" will burrow deep in your psyche, and prove Chesney a fine guide to confronting pain. Better keep this one handy. --Alanna Nash From the Label By writing and singing songs that reflected his own life, Kenny Chesney found himself a mirror that reflected the joys, heartaches, thrills, spills and lost nights of young fresh-faced America. His is a world of first kisses, first loves, first broken hearts and the unfurling of lives that are transitioning from school to the real world. That veracity of burgeoning adulthood found its roots on his nearly quadruple platinum No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems - and it offers a newfound maturity to When The Sun Goes Down. "Anyone who's passionate about music is emotional," says the reigning Academy of Country Music Top Male Vocalist of the Year. "I'm at peace with where I am in my life. I like to be serious; I read a lot and I think a lot - though people might not realize that. But to be whole, you need a release. You need to get laid-back, too, to have fun… "With No Shoes, I think we did that… had fun and looked at some pretty rough emotions. I'd like to think I'm serious enough to do a song like 'Some People Change' or 'When I Think About Leaving,' but am also the kind of guy who'd hang out in the islands with Unkle Kracker, the way 'When The Sun Goes Down' is. That's how people really are: both! They need and want that. "My audience is smart. They are real people who lead whole lives - want to party on the weekend, feel free, but also feel that deep love, raise a family. I know that, because I know them, because I am them ultimately."

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